General Information

The Graduate Program in Cell Biology of the UFMG (PPGBioCel) derives from the former Graduate Course in Morphology and integrates a 40-year tradition in the training of masters and doctors with a modern mentality, leading to the formation professionals of high scientific, didactic and technical levels, capable of competing and contributing to teaching and research in Cell Biology, either in Higher Education Institutions or Institutes and Research Centers in Brazil and abroad.


PPG-BioCel aims to train qualified professionals to work in teaching, research and technological innovation in the field of Cell Biology. Our Program has invested in the use of new methodological and didactic approaches, and in the search of collaborations with renowned national and international researchers.

Program goals

- To train professionals of high scientific, didactic and technical level in Cell Biology.
- Integrate masters and doctorate students into undergraduate course activities, providing academic experience.
- Stimulate the exchange with researchers from national and international institutions.
- Inclusion of former students in the labor market.

FUNDEP Minha UFMG CAPES CNPq FAPEMIG Departamento de Morfologia Universidade das Crianças Instituto NanoCell
Programa de Pós-graduação em Biologia Celular
Instituto de Ciências Biológicas da UFMG - UFMG

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